Our mission at SeventyEleven is to create social experiences centered around positive vibes and celebrating life. We work closely with our guests to understand their vision and we bring it to life by designing extraordinary events.


While reflecting on the many traumas and hurts experienced in 2020, and even some long term hurts that may have been recently realized by some individuals, we felt it necessary to use our expertise in creating social experiences to cultivate an atmosphere that could truly invest in the community and promote healing through three main areas: Self-discovery, human connection, and reconnection with nature.


You deserve to heal, you deserve to nourish the groaning of your soul, and you deserve to enjoy the level of leisure luxury that excites you! Join us for a weekend with carefully crafted experiences designed not only to heal and connect but to intrigue!


Why Healing Matters

Healing is the ultimate act of self-love and a necessary requirement for self-care. Healing is the process of intentionally examining your life experiences through your emotions, your body, and your intuition; Aka mind, body, and soul healing! The benefits of taking time to heal your past, and your present self has a direct positive impact on the quality and enjoyment of your future. We owe it to ourselves to heal so we may evolve into our best versions!

Healing for our Communities

Only 1 in 3 people from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities who suffer from mental health challenges actually seek help.


With the constant imaging of the disregard of black and brown bodies, along with systemic oppression, it is impossible not to be affected even subconsciously, and that's where healing comes in!

Above the Clouds


Meditation by the Beach
  • Relaxes the mind and body

  • Decreases anxiety and depression

  • Instills calmness in ones life 

Rock Balancing
  • Empowers self-awareness and identity

  • Provides better mind-body awareness

  • Increased clarity of mind

  • Reconnects the soul to divine wisdom

Smiling Young Man
  • Improves stress management.

  • Allows you to calmly address fears.

  • Enhances communication with others. 

  • Encourages exploration of relationships