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  • What are the dates for the trip?
    Please check the homepage as dates change annually. If you are already registered and would like to extend your trip please let us know at
  • What if I want to attend, but do not have another guest to share a room with?"
    We welcome single guests, but if you would like to room with somebody we will do our best to match you up with other guests in a similar situation. Please let us know in advance if you would need assistance in finding a roommate.
  • What if I want to stay in another resort or house, but want to partake in the Heal Wellness Retreat activities?"
    Being a part of the Heal Wellness Retreat group is a unique experience. Transportation, agenda planning, food, drinks, and resort amenities will only be provided to those who are a part of the group, which means staying at our select lodging is required to receive our comprehensive services.
  • May I bring a friend?
    Absolutey! You will just need to provide their first and last name as well as contact information. Their portion of the payment will also need to be sent in accordance to the installment schedule.
  • Are all of the room rates per person or per room?
    Each of the rates quoted are per person per night.
  • Why do rooms have a maximum number of guests?
    We limit each room to 3 people to ensure the comfortability of our guests.
  • What all comes with the all-inclusive experience?
    - 5-star level suite - All-inclusive agenda/events - Daily food at events - Daily drinks at events, including alcoholic beverages - WiFi - Access to resort amenities such as pool, gym, trails - Access to athletic facilities - Access to spa facilities - 24/7 customer service - Airport Transportation - Event Transportation - Fees associated with installment plans covered - Complimentary Merch - Planning services & our ability to facilitate you getting to know everyone
  • What if I choose to book directly through the resort or lodging?
    Being a part of the Heal Wellness Retreat group requires booking through our resources. Through our relationship with the resort we are pleased to provide our guests with cheaper rates, payment plans, non-fluctuating rates, private check-in services, in-room WiFi, 24/7 VIP guest services, and on-site discounts with the spa and other courses. If you elect to book directly through the resort, you will not have access to any of these amenities, including ALL Heal Wellness Retreat activities and services.
  • If you have 3 people in a double room, do all 3 people get a bed?"
    No, the 3rd person would have to either sleep on the sofa, sleep on a bed, or request a cot. Please let us know if this is the case, and we will do our best to accommodate your group.
  • Can multiple people stay in the Single Room option, like couples?"
    The Single Occupancy Room package covers one room with all-inclusive amenities for one person. If multiple people are interested in staying in the same room then they should elect to choose either the Double Occupancy Room or the Triple Occupancy room, and these rates are per person. For people who would like to share a bed, please let us know during checkout of your preferences.
  • Does the initial deposit go towards the overall cost of the trip?
    Yes, the initial deposit secures your spot on the trip. After the first deposit there will be periodic installments that will go towards the overall cost of the trip until you have paid in full.
  • Are any of the deposits or payments refundable?
    No, all payments are non-refundable unless otherwise determined by the Heal Wellness Retreat team.
  • I want to sign up for the trip, but I noticed that a few installment months have already passed. Am I still able to join?"
    For guests that join later than the shown installment schedule, we will adjust your installment schedule to match your sign up date. So for example, if you sign up with 5 months left until the trip date and the installment schedule is 6 months, we will adjust your installment schedule to be divided into 5 payments instead of 6.
  • Do we have to stay all 3 nights? Can we extend or shorten our trip?
    There is a minimum stay of 3 nights for the Heal Wellness Retreat. To be considered a part of the travel group, your reservation must span all 3 nights no matter the location, but you are more than welcome to extend your stay under your own provision. Please contact us at if you would like to extend your stay.
  • What if I miss one of the payment installments?
    Installments are due on the date specified. We will give multiple reminders when payment dates are approaching, but if a payment is missed unfortunately you will lose your spot on the trip.
  • Are flights included in the pricing packages?
    For our upcoming trip, our guests will be joining us from all over the world. Due to the inconsistency of flight pricing for guests traveling from different places, we do not include that in our pricing packages. However, if you're interested in getting support from us with flight deal recommendations or pay as you go services please let us know at
  • How do I pay my future installments?
    Once you complete your initial registration for the trip, you are automatically enrolled in monthly or weekly payments for the trip. Each installment is the exact same amount depending on your trip and room reservation choices. If there are any issues with your monthly payments, please let us know at
  • Do we have to participate in all of the activities listed in the agenda?
    No, you do not. You have the option to choose whichever activity you want to be a part of. All group agenda activities are included in your installment plan, and will not incur an additional fee.
  • Do we have to pay for all Heal Wellness Retreat events?
    All Heal Wellness Retreat agenda activities are included in your installment plan, and will not incur an additional fee. That also includes 70+ other events, classes, and sessions that are offered by the resort. However, if you would like to join one of the paid services by the resort, that will come with an additional fee not covered by the guest installment plan.
  • How do we reserve our spots for each activity?
    For guests that sign up, we will be creating an easy to use webpage with each activity and links directing you to where you can reserve your spot for any activity that you wish to be a part of.
  • Is transportation provided for the entire trip?
    Transportation to key events will be provided as a part of your payment plan. Activities outside of the agenda will be at your own cost. We will also offer an add-on service that includes roundtrip transportation to/from the airport. Once you sign up, we will send information closer to the trip date.
  • Is transportation provided from the airport to the resort?
    We will be offering an additional add-on service that includes roundtrip transportation to/from the airport. Once you sign up, we will notify you of this option closer to the trip date.
  • What airport should I fly into?
    Depending on the location for this particular trip, we will send details on which airport to fly into. Since this year we are going to Tulum, Mexico, we recommend flying into the Cancun Airport.
  • Will there be food included?
    Yes, we have daily group activities that will included catered meals.
  • Will there be food to accommodate my dietary needs?
    Yes, all of the restaurants at the private villa and in the agenda accommodate all dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and others.
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